How To pick up girls

How To pick up girls


The art of hooking up and connecting to a new person has definitely changed and evolved over the years. While technology has changed how guys pick up girls, there's definitely something to be said for the old school techniques. Confidence, charm and wit are big time ingredients when you want to learn how to pick up girls. 


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just looking to get started, there's a few vital cogs to the process of picking up the opposite sex. Even though it's not common there are some small instances where the girl may initiate contact. For most guys however learning how to pick up girls can really boost their social skills or potential for hooking up with the opposite sex.


If you want to learn the long honed craft, here's just a few of the pointers you can utilize to pick up girls below.



Learning how to pick up girls


Confidence - Let's face it when a guy isn't confident or exude confidence, there's no way that girls will find them attractive. Work on not only speaking confidently and appearing confident, learn the balance between confidence and fool-hardiness. Confidence is key, not cockiness.


Humor - Crafting lines and pick up techniques that make a girl laugh can work wonders in getting their name or phone number. Make sure that you aren't cheesy but can poke fun at yourself, this is another sign of a confident guy, which is always a sure fire pick up tip.


Humility - Don't brag about yourself and let your actions speak for your words. Bragging can often come off as crass and unattractive, and it's a sure fire sign that you have a lack of confidence. Learn to listen and be complimentary towards the girl you are trying to pick up.


Conversation - Knowing when to say things and how to say them are just part of the equation. It's also the rare ability to learn when to be quiet and listen to the girl's needs or life. Remember that it's not always about you, and let the girl speak often and listen well. 


Opportunity - Remember that you've got to risk yourself and make a move if you want to learn how to pick up girls. You won't be successful 100% of the time, but you are most certainly going to fail when you don't try. Nobody likes rejection but try to learn from your mistakes and rejections so that the next time you try to pick up girls you'll have more in your arsenal. 


Be kind - Being nice may not seem that hard to figure out but it's surprisingly lacking in many pick up techniques. Learn how to pay the girl compliments without seeming like a creep or a weirdo.


These tips and techniques can help your pick up process and you can learn that these pick up tips can work for your next social get together. Take these tips and apply them to your pick up techniques to get ahead and meet more girls.