5 of the Best Kind of Simulator games

When it comes to simulator games, there are all kinds of different ways for you to relive your dreams for free. Start a farm, open a store or manage a company, or maybe learn plan a war or even go on a safari. However there are many of the most popular simulator games out there that can really help you realize your dreams.

Most of these can be connected or found through your social network. Who hasn’t seen a friend update regarding what level they have reached in a certain simulator game? Many of these cool games have social interactions weaved into the gameplay, making it easy for you to show off to your buddies.

If you are wondering what are the best kind of simulator games are out there, here are just 5 for you to check out.


Role-play simulator games

Don the firefighter mask or take over a farm, no matter what kind of game you want to play there is a simulator game out there for you. Manage and operate the finances and resources for success, which can help you explore any kind of fantasy you could ever want.


Management simulator games

Take on your own company or direct your own board of members, see how well you can run a company or operate a business.


Dating games

Meet your potential partner or go through your first round of dates with a few different virtual people, dating games are quickly becoming very popular. Many of these simulator games can help you see what makes dating games and the best dating apps possible. You can see whom you want to meet and how to get ahead in your date.


Sex simulator games

No matter what aspect of sex these kinds of games you are after, these are incredibly popular. Enjoy the virtual act of sex or go through the steps of foreplay to see what makes these adult games so popular. Not meant for the younger crowd, these kinds of games require a disclaimer to ensure that you are of consenting age.


Adult games

Once considered taboo or not ready for the prime time, adult games are also growing quickly. Adult games that offer you the voyeur experience or to enjoy adult material can be posed through any number of video games.

Online games like this also include aspects that other sex apps just cannot. Adult games don’t always have to include this aspect of dating game, making it much more diverse than the average sex game.